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Solar Water Purifier

  • Solar water purifiers work by using sunlight to change contaminated water into fresh-smelling, good-tasting and safe drinking water.
  • There are many solar water purifiers on the market and they all work a little differently. What they all do, however, is collect water in some kind of covered bin.
  • As the sunlight raises the temperature of the water, the water is vaporizes and leaves the contaminants behind.The water goes through condensation under the glass or plastic cover and drops of water collect in a pure water channel.
  • The drops are then delivered into a clean bin from which we can then drink clean water.

Key Features

  • The SteriPEN for Outdoor Use.
  • Up-and-Coming Solar Water Purifier.
  • Purified Water at Home.
  • Helping to Get Water to Those Who Need It.

Be Responsible, Go Solar