Agriculture Kit

TROM agricultural soil sampling kits allow farmers and agronomists to collect shallow soil samples quickly and easily. The Soil Field Auger Kits and One-Piece Augers are simple solutions for farmers or agricultural consultants needing to auger to depths up to 4ft. TROM Soil Fertility Kits were created to meet the needs of agronomists and other agricultural researchers who are cutting and drawing samples from a variety of soil conditions.

Below are the TROM augers, auger kits, and probing kits that are most commonly used in the agricultural industry. They either feature a one-piece design, utilize 5/8'' threaded connection.


  • Soil Fertility Kits
  • Soil Auger Field Kits
  • One-Piece Open-Face Augers
  • One-Piece Regular Soil Augers
  • One-Piece Mud Augers

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