Pre-School Education Kit (PSE KIT)

We are providing TROM PSE kit, which is developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Education (ECE) programmes, the presence of play and learning materials have a very important role. Young children learn through play and by interacting with their immediate environment. We can make their environment stimulating by providing a range of developmentally appropriate play and learning materials to encourage inquisitiveness, imagination and promote a sound foundation for learning. Availability and accessibility to variety of materials can support the child’s holistic development which include physical and motor skills, cognitive skills, language and communication skills, socio-emotional development and creativity.

Given the importance of play and play materials, TROM has made a provision of Pre-School Education Kit in Anganwadi centres. In this context, this document has been prepared after reviewing the existing literature on ECE.

  • Multi-purpose and multi-domain to foster holistic development — all domains such as sensory, fine and gross motor, cognitive, social, emotional, personal, and creativity need to be fostered.
  • Safe for children (Non-toxic material and colours, smooth edges and large enough to prevent swallowing).
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Culturally and environmentally appropriate.
  • Balanced to equip different activity corners.
  • Easy to view. Posters and conversation charts should be placed at eye level for children.
  • Adequate in quantity, with a variety of different materials available. There should not be too few, preventing all children from playing, nor too many, preventing children from learning to share, cooperate and wait for their turn.
  • Easily accessible to children so that they can use and choose the material during free play and individual activities. They should be encouraged and expected to put away the material as part of their routine.


  • Pretend Play/Imaginative
  • Art And Craft
  • Picture Book
  • Construction/Manipulative Play

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