Solar Telecom

24×7 Telecom tower operation is a vital need of operators but unfortunately in our country not all the states supply 24 hour power resulting in discontinuous service. The growing need to keep live connectivity with people at remote places is a real challenge that also has negative social impact if they are cut off.

Telecom towers may operate in regions with an unreliable grid or no grid supply while the others operate in regions with a stable grid supply but face high electricity costs. Trom offers proven solutions to cover both of these needs.Trom offers a well-developed standalone and also a hybrid solution which caters to this complex issue with the latest technology extending selectivity for Solar, Battery and Grid combinations to ensure zero breakdown in shared BTS sites.

Payback period may be 6-7 years taking into account the key factors like Solar plant cost interest on Solar investment, daily diesel cost, rising diesel prices, diesel management expenses, investment and maintenance cost of diesel generators, applicable depreciation benefits. Solar Modules are available with 25 years warranty and negligible maintenance cost of Solar Plants.


Be Responsible, Go Solar