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Air Purifier

    Pure and Proper breathing is the basic requirement for remain fit and leave healthy life. Unfortunately, in today’s industrialization era air pollution become the evil for human being as outside air contains dust,co2,so2,powder,PM2.5,virus and Impure particle. On the other hand inside air is also two to five times dangerous than outdoor air as it contains Co2, Smoke of cooking, pollen,dust,PM2.5,formaldehyde,Bactaria,Virus, paint fumes, pet danger and many other harmful contains. These harmful particulates cause many health related issues like Asthma, Lung cancer, Throat irritation, Watery eyes, redness, dizziness, headaches and many more.

    We continue to develop new production methods and guarantee high quality air purifier which can be applicable to any area of your life including Household, Workspace, Healthcare, Education, Gyms, Hospitality, Restaurants, Cars. We are able to meet Strict Customer demands and Standards for our health products. We endeavour to meet all country specific packaging requirement and comply with international standards. Our Air Purifier Serves you with high CADR, Ozone free, Odourless Air as we used Prefilter, Activated Carbon filter and HEPA Filter in our products.In addition we also used UV-C light in combination with HEPA Filter to add level of disinfection in your indoor air.

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