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Solar Deep Freezer

  • Trom offers freezer and refrigerator unit which comes with max upto 240 liter capacity. Due to our energy efficient cooling concept, Trom refrigeration device is specially suited to remote solar power applications.
  • Our top quality craftsmanship guarantees a long useful life. A 12-cm-thick insulation layer made of polyurethane ensures Minimum thermal losses.
  • The refrigeration system is equipped with a maintenance free brushless DC compressor, which runs directly on batteries & solar panel.
  • The patented low frost system reduces the formation of condensation water and ice. A drainage opening at the base simplifies the cleaning of the interior.

System features

  • Very low energy requirement
  • 12 / 24 V DC operating voltage featuring shut-off at low voltage
  • Featuring shutoff at low voltage
  • Eco-friendly cooling agent (R-134a)
  • Scratch-proof steel-panel housing
  • Easy-to-clean aluminium lining
  • Lockable lid
  • Interior lighting
  • Patented low-frost system
  • Adjustable interior temperature
  • Highly-efficient cooling
  • The patented low-frost system reduces
  • The formation of condensation water and ice


  • User friendly
  • Shock Proof
  • Saves Energy
  • Can be used as a freezer
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Adequate protections for load and battery

Application Area

  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • Homes
  • Medical shops
  • Remote Village Dispensaries

Operating voltage

12/24 V DC

Ambient temperature

10 to 43 °C

Temp .Range

+6 to -18 °C

Power input (typ./ max.)

40 - 100 W

Energy consumption at 21 °C

120 Wh/d (R) 480 Wh/d (F)

Energy consumption at 32 °C

204 Wh/d (R) 540 Wh/d (F)

Content (capacity)

240.0 Ltr



Door type

Top Opening



Dimensions (W x H x D)

684 x 849 x 1144 mm


70 Kg

Solar Panel

200 Watt


180 AH / 12V

Charge Controller

In Built with all protection

-          Short circuit

-          Over Charge

-          Deep Discharge


  • Solar Panel Size**: 1700 mm (L) X 1000 mm (W) X 50 mm (H)
  • Battery**: 350 mm (L) X 250 mm (W) X 250 mm (H)
  • Solar Deep Freezer**: 1144 mm (L) X 849 mm (W) X 684 mm (H)

Be Responsible, Go Solar